Who We Are


Mr. Surya Bezawada is a Financial Advisor and has over 20 years of experience in consulting, marketing expertise in implementation of IT Projects, international trade and Franchise business. Surya is a serial entrepreneur who owns multiple companies. Surya has developed exceptional liaison skills among governments, business organizations and consortium partners bringing great value propositions to companies and fostering joint ventures between Canada, US and India. In his previous role as a senior Information Technology specialist, Surya provided services to multinational clients globally and consistently delivered projects on time and on budget. He organized Agritech 2012-two-day business seminar at Palakol, West Godavari District in India with global business leaders from the USA and Canada that attracted more than 400 business owners. Surya led multiple business delegations to India to explore the opportunities in infrastructure and mixed-use real estate projects, transit-oriented development, and hospitality.

Surya has started 6ixcinemas with a vision to create a telugu production house which caters telugu movies to world cinema . Being the visionary he is, Surya Bezawada envisions 6ixcinemas as a stepping stone to help numerous NRIs to achieve their artistic dreams. 6ixcinemas has come out of very strong community support and intends to give back to the community by making huge global telugu projects utilizing telugu talent from all over the world .

Varun Korukonda aka V is a Indo- Canadian filmmaker known for his aesthetic and content driven narratives. He has produced and directed several award winning short films and has actively done mainstream commercials and music video productions. His stories are mostly adventure thrillers which are larger than life but still rooted into a believable realm of reality.V’s cinematic language relies heavily on narrative color palette , set design ,shot compositions and unique camera movements which in turn help pave the way for an aesthetic and entertaining end product.



He is responsible for all the financial aspects of the company. This includes preparing the budget, forecasting revenues and expenses, maintaining the day-to-day operations of the company’s finances, and auditing and verifying financial statements.

6ix Cinemas Inc
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